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  • 20 years

    20 years experience in intrinsic safety area

    CHENZHU is a professional company with core expertise of the production of high quality protection product to the process Industries,such as intrinsic barriers, signal isolators, surge protection devices, safety relays and temperature transmitter etc. which was originated from Shanghai automation instrument institute. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a provider of intrinsic safety explosion protection devices suited for process industries. OEM or ODM product is also our customized service.

  • 2.45 million

    Total sales volume exceeded 2.45 million pcs

    From 2002 till end of 2017, more than 2,450,000 pcs products were delivered to all types of locations, both hazardous and general purpose, from petrochemical, gas, power production to pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing or process plants. Many of the automation safety critical processes are monitored, controlled or protected by Chenzhu products.

  • 4 first ones

    4 international certifications, which were the very first one in China mainland

    Actually, we have 4 certifications which were the first one in domestic china, such as IECEx ATEX and the functional safety certificate, issued by TUV RH Germany and Japan TIIS

  • 5 years

    The first in China’s mainland to promise 5-year warranty

    Dedication to our customers and recognition of industry requirements, we announced 5 years guarantee at 2013 and continues to drive our development of new products and solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

  • 800,000 pcs

    More than 3,000 project applications have won wide acclaim from customers

    Our factory has 800,000 pcs per year manufacture capabilities, including 2 SMT lines, 1 THT wave soldering production line with lead-free equipment, ionized water automated washing and drying, PVA coating towards to electronics and circuit PCB for both sides etc. All the production data is recorded and tracked by material or QR code of our database. We are distinguished by our research, manufacturing and sales support, ensuring all the product you used is reliable and efficient.


  • Quality Control

    Test Equipment and Facilities

    Automatic Testing System; AOI Optical Tester; Multifunction Calibrator Signal;Automatic Voltage Tester etc.

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  • Marketing Team

    Export License Registration No.:01305629

    Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB Accepted Payment Type: T/T Nearest Port: Shanghai

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  • Focus on customer’s requirements

    Manufacturing Center

    Customized manufacturing

    Max. capabilities is 800,000 pcs per year; All the production data is recorded and tracked by material or QR code of our database;

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  • Serious · Pragmatic

    CHENZHU R&D Center

    Ingenuity and pursuit of the ultimate

    The R&D team accounts for 25% of the total number of staff at Chenzhu. Among them, 50% are senior engineers. 10% of annual sales are put into research and development, providing effective guarantee to product development and innovation.

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  • CHENZHU Scholarship

    In 2014, CHENZHU establishment of "East China University of Chen Zhu Scholarship", designed to motivate and reward students study hard, hard work ahead.


  • Children's Day Care

    Children's Day is quite a special fastival of CHENZHU staff. Because, for all  employees with children are meticulously prepare a Children's Day gift, so that their children feel their parents' deep love.

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